Internal traffic

The width of main roads is 78 m and the branch roads is 40 m and 16.5 m, connecting the center of Phu Tho Town to National Road No.2. Phu Ha Industrial Park is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh Road and Hanoi – Lao Cai highway that is convenient for goods transportation.


Power supply

Power is supplied from the national grid through 110/22KV transformer station with capacity of 63MVA. Suppy enough electricity for enterprises when the demand increases.


Water Supply & Drainage System

Water supply
Water source is taken from Red river connecting back to supply for water treatment station in the Industrial Park with capacity of 13,500 m3/day. The diameter of water supply pipe is D110 mm – D350mm. Supply enough water for enterprises when the demand increases.

Drainage system
Rain water drainage system is constructed separately with waste water drainage system in the IP . The diameter of underground rain-water drainage is 600 – 2000mm with the principle of automatic drainage.

Waste and waste water treatment

– Waste water treatment Station with capacity is 7,500 m3/day. The diameter of waste water drainage pipe is D300mm – D500mm
– Solid Waste from factories in the IP shall be categorized immediately in every factory and be collected to the centered treatment area of Phu Tho Province.


Telecommunication system – Internet

Telecommunication system reach the international standard and be willing to meet the demand of communication, high-speed data transfer and internal and external post office service. Underground cable system is connected directly to the fence of every factory.