Internal Traffic

– Mainroad with 2 lanes of 63 m and 48 m, branch road of 26.5 m.
– Industrial internal road system connected to provincial road No 9 and connect to National Road No. 1 for convenient transportation.


Power Supply

Power is supplied from national system through 110/22KV transformer station with capacity of 40MVA.


Water Supply & Drainage system

Water Supply
– The capacity of water Supply station is 11,000 m3/day.
– Water supply system connect to the fence of each enterprises.

Drainage system
Rain water drainage system is constructed separately with waste water drainage system in the IP. The diameter of underground rain-water drainage pipe is D600 mm – D1000mm with the principle of automatic drainage.

Waste and waste water treatment

– Waste water treatment Station with capacity is 8.500 m3/day. (Industrial waste water is by 80% the quantity of water supply).
– The diameter of waste water drainage pipe is D300mm – D900mm


Telecommunication system – Internet

– Telecommunication system reach the international standard and be willing to meet the demand of communication, high-speed data transfer and internal and external post office service.
– Underground cable system is connected directly to the fence of every factory.